Terms and Conditionds

Updated: 31st January 2024

● Google drive will be used to share the soft copies of the event photos
● The images are not post-processed in any way.
● There won’t be an album given
● The studio has the last say over whether to accept or reject the order. ⁠Once the party books an event; it cannot be cancelled unless there are valid reasons.
● ⁠If the event cancels from the party for genuine reason, must bring to our communication right away.
● Only one order per day will be accepted. We don’t accept multiple orders.
● Travel expenses need to bear by the client
● Candid photography of the event will be covered
● The expense of the photographer’s accommodations and food must be covered by the client.
● ⁠* The offer is applicable to serving army personnel and Martyrs .
● ⁠The event must be booked 3months prior.
● ⁠The studio posses the right to upload the photos to the website and other social media for promotional purposes
● Engaging in the act of placing an order using a fraudulent ID and deceiving individuals is considered a punishable offense.